Friday, March 17, 2017

Music for Your Child Today!

Learn how to start your child off in music NOW :) Children learn creativity and motor skills through music. Anyone can play music. It's a myth that you have to be "musically inclined" or "talented" to play music. Music is for everyone, not just a special handful. Art and music create community. Instill the gift of music today. Pick up a hand drum, inexpensive drums you can find on Amazon or use an Oatmeal box or coffee can. Suggestions below:

  • Oatmeal Box
  • Coffee Can
  • Chopsticks for drum sticks
  • Tightly pulled string, wire or fishing line for tonal guitar sounds
  • Blocks of wood clapped together

  • Music is created from rhythm and sound. Anything can be used to create rhythm and sound and anyone can create it. Whatever sound/rhythmic expression comes out is your own! Start creating today. Create with your children and they will create a better world together!


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