Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elaine provided us with the following additional information:
"Didgeridoo:  A musical Instrument made and played by Australian Aborigines.  Originally made from hollow branches of various Australian Trees found in Northern Australia.  Decorated with Ochre and variety of natural dyes.  Each maker had his own specific decorations.  Fun Didges for kids of all ages can be made using Polypipe offcuts or the hard tubes from old vacuum cleaners.  Minimum size 3 feet by 1.2 inches diameter up to 6.5 ft.  The larger the tube the deeper the sounds made. Sit children on floor with one leg outstretched, place Didge end on an angle to floor, with the foot raising it slightly. Blow into tube by quick breath in through nose and slowly breathe out through mouth down the tube.  When they can successfully produce a noise introduce other vocal sounds such as tick tock, clucking and other animal noises any sort will do.  The better players can make noises such as animals running to and fro.  Additional short piece of pipe can be used as a beat against the outside of the main tube."          Music for