Monday, June 27, 2011

Music for Kids!

Stimulating your children's  creativity is one of the best ways to prime them for life. A life of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns can leave a person at a dead end. Creativity has helped me achieve flexibility in my life and see a way out of that dead end. When situations get me down I'm able to put on my creative thinking cap and view things in different light. Being creative has sped up my response time and kept me in the "here and now". Playing music has even kept me out of trouble!

It helps to be flexible in your thought when creating music. When learning to play music I quickly found out that if I stuck to rigid thought patterns and rigid body movements the music would not flow and my creativity could not blossom. When I relaxed body and mind the music would work wonders. This, of course, helped me in all areas of my life. When I could relax in times of strife then it was easier for me to assess the situation and do something about it.

When playing music one must be in the moment and present with what is happening around them. This fosters an ability to be in the here and now which has a direct positive impact on all areas of life. I can think quicker in the moment, act faster in situations that call for quick action and be more observant with what is happening around me. It's like having a meditation practice without having to meditate! 

When I was in Junior High school I had plenty of opportunity to get in with the "bad crowd" but playing music kept me focused and playing in the school band kept me in good social status so I didn't feel drawn into rebellious activity.

I believe having a creative outlet such as music has directly affected the quality of my life for the better. I have made music a large part of my life but even if your child does not choose music the creative skills learned through music can be put to use in all areas as he/she grows up.

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