Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Therapy

Music and the Brain

It is becoming more apparent that music enhances brain development and cognition in children as well as adults.  As more studies are conducted with music and the brain new discoveries are opening doors for many. Music Therapy was unheard of 20 years ago. Now Music Therapy is a proven form of therapy for children, adults and seniors. Many well know universities offer Music Therapy degrees. From pre-schoolers to old age homes music is helping seniors to cope with old age and enter into joy again. Music is helping toddlers to interact, have fun and engage.
There is proof that music enhances math skills and raises test scores. Music Therapy is used in treatment of autistic children with very positive results. Music is opening emotional doors in autistic children. Music helps break down emotional walls and fosters communication.
Music has been with us since the beginning and will continue to enhance our lives as we learn more about the positive benefits of music.
I believe that all schools should teach and encourage music as strongly as they encourage math, language or any other required subject. In raising our children our main goal is to raise a well adjusted, well rounded functioning human being. Music can only help in this endeavor. In fact, as we are dealing with more and more stress in this society, we need music more than ever! Music helps to release emotion. Music helps us to cope with stress. We need these coping skills just as much if not more than we need math skills. Dealing with our emotions is becoming more and more essential in an increasingly stressful world.
We need music more than ever. Please, encourage music for all. Music for Kids – Simply Smart!

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