Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gabby La La's I Know You Know I Know

I Know You Know I Know. I know after you meditate on that for a few days you’ll either reach enlightenment or have an epiphany and pick up Gabby La La’s new CD, “I Know You Know I Know”. Upon listening you’ll be transported back to the carefree Zen of your childhood school days.

As you drift into Gabby La La’s world of imagination and daisy chain remembering your body will be moving to colorful musical landscapes and rhythmic joys. Starting with “Alarm Clock” you’ll want to stay in bed and dream about sleeping all day. When you do wake up and make it off to school you’ll be excited while making up the invite list for your four square and jump rope party. As your school day progresses you’ll encounter some trouble with bully girls and school girl cliques. School projects and tests can be a distraction only to find out the projects and tests are a month away! You can get back to dreaming about yummy itty bitty bite size baby pies and a school where the kids make the rules! After school you stroll over to the park and see squirrel, the President of the park. It’s such a pleasure to see squirrel after school. He scares away all those bad ‘ol crows! Halloween gets down right spooky and later on, even though you might fight it, you’ll get to have a nap time.

“I Know You Know I Know” started with the idea for the song “Four Square”. Gabby then went on to create a theme of remembering school days and games kids play. Gabby creates all the music on her new CD with just her voice, Nintendo DS, sitar and theremin. It was all recorded, preformed and composed by Gabby. As with all of Gabby La La’s music it is compelling for all ages and is enjoyed in night clubs and festivals as well as classrooms! Gabby has preformed and recorded with Les Claypool, Bob Weir, Macy Gray and even Snoop Dogg!

On February 18th at 8pm, right here in Gabby’s home town of Petaluma, CA at the Mystic Theater Gabby La La will have her CD release party! You will get a chance to hear her new CD performed live with out the use of synthesizers of any kind. It will all be re-created with live musicians playing instruments. Ananta on electric violin, Zach Morris on drums, Josh Fossgreen on bass and Gabby playing multiple instruments. There will be some very special guests. I mean VERY SPECIAL guests! Also performing will be Odd Bird and Forrest Day. And there’s more! Gabby will be premiering her new music video plus Gabby will be screening the new film by Lila Cugini,Weremeranian. Based on a true story Gabby stars as the mother of a Weremeranian, which is a cross between a Pomeranian and….you guessed it! Spooky!

Come on down to the Mystic Theater on February 18th for this once in a life time experience. Enter Gabby La La’s world of imagination and unbounded joy.

When: February 18th.

Where: The Mystic Theater, 21 Petaluma Blvd N. - Time: Doors 8pm show 9pm

Tickets: Advance tickets $12
At the door $15 – Age: 21+

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