Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pie Pan Tambourine Craft

If keeping time to the music is your kids' favorite pastime, have them ring in some fun with this easy-to-make pie pan tambourine. You'll need to help them with a few of the steps here.

What You'll Need:
  • Foil pie pan
  • Nail
  • File or hammer
  • Jingle bells - Old Christmas bells, etc. Purchase at art store, drug store, 5 and dime store.
  • Yarn or string
Illustration of a boy playing with a pie pan tambourine
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A finished pie pan tambourine in action.
Step 1: Punch holes in the edges of an aluminum foil pie pan with a nail. Help kids smooth the sharp edges of the holes with a file or hammer.

Step 2: At each hole, tie a small jingle bell to the pan with yarn or string. Now jingle those bells -- you'll have a rhythmic adventure you won't be able to resist.

--- You can purchase bells at your local arts/craft store or toy store-----
Musical Instruments for Kids!

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