Thursday, August 21, 2008

Music and the Brain

Music and the Brain

Great news! We now have a wonderful resource! We have something which can give students a much needed break from their concentrated studies, provide them with a creative outlet and actually enhance the learning process in all areas! Yes, including the three “R’s”!
Children learn through many different ways. Music is an essential part of the learning process. Many public schools today have not included this important aspect of learning into their program. In between studying concentrated subjects such as math and language children need to “release” and play. Children love to learn through ways which incorporate play. What better way to learn than through singing, dancing, playing an instrument and creating music. There is scientific proof that music actually helps a child with the very subjects we are most concerned about.
Research has linked active music making with increased language skills, math ability, improved grades, well adjusted social behavior, and improvements in "spatial-temporal reasoning," - a cornerstone for problem solving. In the first few years of life the brain is developing rapidly. Studies show that participation in music influences and enhances that process.

Check out AMC: Music and the Brain for great research on music and the brain.

Check out for children's instruments and education.

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