Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creating Music with your Child

Children love to create music! Music is simple to create. It doesn't have to be melodic just as long as it has some rhythm and movement! Take paper cups and hit them with a stick. Make shakers by putting dried beans/peas into a paper cup and then covering the top with cardboard or/and tape. Have your child shake the cup. Shake it LOUD, shake it soft, shake it fast, shake it slow. Gather 4 or 5 kids and give them each a shaker. Have them shake a beat - Count with them 1-2-3-4. Once a good rhythm is going direct them to shake LOUD and the soft as a butterfly. Shake it like a train, shake it like the wind. There are many different things you can do with sound. It doesn't always have to be "musical" to be creative music. Imitating different sounds in ones environment is musical. Using dynamics (loud, soft) is musical.
EXPERIMENT WITH SOUND. HAVE FUN! This is creating music.

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